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Buchans River Delta Rehabilitation

EnviroGold Global plans to start precious and base metal production in Buchans, Newfoundland in 2023, reprocessing sulfidic tailings from five historic ore deposits while restoring the landscape of a valued natural resource and reducing environmental contamination
  At a Glance
Location Newfoundland & Labrador Province, Canada
Geological Setting Ordovician age (485-444 million years ago) polymetallic
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Zinc
Planned Plant Capacity  360,000 tpa
Project Life 7-12+ years

Home to one of the world’s highest-grade polymetalic volcanic massive sulfide (VMS) deposits, the Buchans River Delta Rehabilitation Project includes approximately 1,200 hectares on the Buchans River and Beothuk Lake in the Canadian Province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Five historic mines operated around the upriver town of Buchans over 56 years from 1928 through 1984, extracting barite, zinc, lead, copper, gold, and silver. These mines produced over 16 million tonnes of ore with an average mill head grade of 14.51% Zn, 7.56% Pb, 1.33% Cu, 126 g/t Ag and 1.37  g/t Au.

For about 35 years, tailings from these operations were deposited directly into Buchans River, flowing downstream and settling into Beothuk Lake, creating the delta that exists now. Much of these tailings are often exposed without water cover, and their physical and chemical properties cause heavy metal leaching into the lake water, which is salmon habitat.

EnviroGold plans to remove this material, process it to extract the valuable base and precious metals, and move the remaining tailings, which contain barite, to a safe and secure storage facility that meets modern environmental standards. The barite resource can then be developed later.

The project will restore the natural landscape of the lake and improve Atlantic salmon habitat, as well as the beauty of a highly valued recreation area, all while injecting significant investment into the area surrounding the town of Buchans and the province of Newfoundland and Labrador.

EnviroGold founded its initial resource qualification on historical production data of the mines in Buchans, the technologies in use through their operating lives, and three assessments conducted between 1989 and 2005 by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Bolero Development Corporation, and Geologist John Tuach, each of which indicated there are significant amounts of base and precious metals in approximately 2 million tonnes of tailings in the well-studied central claim.

EnviroGold expects further exploration in unexamined claims to indicate a much greater resource. Of the more than 16 million tonnes of tailings produced over the life of the Buchans Mines, 2 million tonnes were placed in tailings ponds, and 2 million tonnes have been identified in the central claim. That leaves up to ~12MM tonnes of tailings yet to be identified.

EnviroGold completed a ground-penetrating radar study and bathymetric survey of the delta area in late 2021, covering 8,807,294 m3. Preliminary results indicate additional tailings when compared to the previous studies, with an average thickness of 1.5 meters. The data also show that the material extends into the Jeff Wall claim, forming a “Western Arc” over a 1 km strike length. The identification of the previously-unknown “Western Arc” indicates significant upside and increased potential for the Buchans Project.

EnviroGold is currently conducting a core sampling program of the “Western Arc,” which is expected to be complete with metallurgical testing by Q3 2022, verifying the resource and density. EnviroGold has also obtained a sampling permit to analyse claims lying to the north in the Buchans River.

Buchans is an historic mining town with roots dating back to the original discovery and development of significant ore bodies in the 1920s, though its population has been declining since operations slowed and ultimately ceased in the 1970s and 80s.

EnviroGold’s project stands to be a significant economic boon for the surrounding region. With an investment (project lifetime) of approximately US$146 million and profit-sharing agreements in place, the project is estimated to provide 40 jobs, boost the mine services economy and regional commerce, and add significant new tax revenues for the province.

Beothuk Lake is also a highly-valued recreation area—surrounded by private cabins, fishing and hunting lodges, and miles of hiking, skiing, snowmobile, and ATV trails. Its tributaries are also important spawning grounds for Atlantic salmon.

The Buchans River Delta Rehabilitation Project will be a massive environmental rehabilitation of legacy mining, which operated long before contemporary environmental standards were set. Instead of securing waste in tailings storage facilities, as is required today, it was common practice to dump tailings into waterways, leaving heavy metals open in the environment. It is this material that constitutes part of the river delta today.

EnviroGold’s planned operations—in addition to providing a profitable project for the company, our investors, and the local economy—will remediate the legacy mine tailings in the lake, significantly reducing sources of heavy metal leaching that can affect this sensitive ecosystem and the wellbeing of the surrounding communities.



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