Leading a Green Mining Revolution

Mining is facing a paradigm shift. Demand for precious metals is increasing, but resources remain scarce, while social demands for environmentally sustainable practices are growing exponentially. To address these issues, EnviroGold Global was born.

Through our unique combination of proprietary technology, superior operationalized knowledge and an agile, efficient culture, we reclaim and recharge critical natural resources and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable circular resource economy.

Using cutting edge Electrochemical Separation Technologies (EST), our patent-pending processes use a unique application of advanced electrochemical and surface probe techniques to recover up to 98% of residual gold from mine tailings on a commercial scale. It also recovers 83% or more of other precious, critical and strategic metals, including platinum, lithium, cobalt, germanium and titanium.

Strategically positioned for sustainable, data-driven development of high-margin assets, EnviroGold Global provides a scalable solution for a virtually untapped global market. With minimum capital expenditure, we generate maximum return on assets and natural resources by recovering minerals that would otherwise be lost.

But equally importantly, in addition to transforming refractory tailings into a valuable mineral resource, our process is also eco-friendly. Our proven technology reduces contaminants like chlorides, nitrates, arsenic and mercury from mine waste. EnviroGold Global’s treated process water is clean and suitable for reuse in agriculture, storage or release to the environment. In addition to the ecological benefits, this also reduces environmental liabilities, maintenance costs, environmental bonds and associated fees.

Turning Waste into Responsible Resource Development. Invest with Us.

Company Information

EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company committed to capitalizing environmental stewardship and accelerating the world’s transition to a circular resource economy. EnviroGold Global solutions employ proprietary Electrochemical Separation Technology, and other proven equipment and methodologies to sustainably recover precious, critical and strategic metals and minerals from mine tailings and other waste streams.

Industry Overview

Metal and mineral resources are vital in the modern global economy, with uses in everything from modern technology to infrastructure to investment. Necessary for the production, conduction, distribution and storage of electricity, as well as critical components for batteries, solar cells, electronic vehicles, data transmission systems, mobile devices, circuitry, advanced medical devices and aerospace, metals serve vital and increasing roles as stores of value for individual investors and central banks.

While long-term demand for metals and minerals is supported by strong structural and demographic factors, supply dynamics face significant and increasing structural challenges, including long lead times to production, declines in reserves, high exploration budgets, and an increase in the complexity of metal recovery from more metallurgically difficult ores. Obtaining and maintaining a social license to operate is becoming increasingly important for global metal production.

As primary metal production becomes more complicated, and society’s expectations for corporate responsibility performance continue to increase, the more conventional methods for primary metal production continue to face challenges. Society, while needing metals, is seeking ways to reduce the overall environmental effects of mining. As metal production continues to evolve to meet societal needs, the metal production business is seeking not only a social license to operate but now a societal license to operate.

The increasing complexity of ores, coupled with the need to reduce the overall environmental effects of mining allows the opportunity for innovation to be applied to mine wastes (tailings more specifically) to allow the recovery of the contained metals without the need to additional mining and any associated land disturbances.

Studies have estimated that the value of precious metals at old mine sites exceeds USD $1 trillion. This production of metal from these sites provides a huge financial opportunity that is aligned with the increasing investment in sustainable and responsible businesses.

The World Economic Forum and KPMG report Sustainable and Responsible investments have grown from USD $640B in 1995 to USD $30 trillion in 2019. Modern suppliers of metals and minerals must continue to earn and maintain their social license to operate through the consistent demonstration of environmental stewardship, positive social effect, and efficient and equitable use of natural resources.

Business Description

The product of a decade and a half of research, development and commercialization efforts undertaken by leading technical experts and successful entrepreneurs, EnviroGold Global was born from an unwavering commitment to sustainability and a vision of accelerating the world’s transition to a circular resource economy. EnviroGold Global’s suite of technical and proprietary solutions for responsible resource recovery include modular, scalable and geographically relocatable treatment systems that facilitate reduced CAPEX/OPEX.

These systems have demonstrated the ability to recover up to 98% of precious, critical and strategic metals from refractory ores and mine tailings, and other waste streams while remediating some key environmental contaminants including arsenic, mercury and lead. EnviroGold Global’s recovery process as a service business model remediates mine tailings, and other mine wastes, while recovering residual metals and minerals left behind from previous, mining operations without the generation of any new extraction-related waste. This model can reduce the energy required in the production of metal and mineral commodities by up to 80% by eliminating the need to mine plant feed.

EnviroGold Global’s focus on reprocessing surface waste allows direct access to the resource containing the metals, significantly reducing project development lead times. By remediating waste products from previous and ongoing mining operations, EnviroGold Global is positioned to earn and maintain its social license.

EnviroGold Global’s commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible resource development is profound and is a fundamental driver of our value creation model. As a tool for ensuring that these values remain at the center of operations, we have developed the ESG Scorecard. Additional details on the ESG Scorecard system are included in the portion of this section describing EnviroGold Global’s Operations.

Operations and Revenue Streams

EnviroGold Global has acquired remediation and resource recovery rights to mine tailings containing precious and critical metals in key North American mining districts and is working to expand its reprocessing portfolio internationally.

EnviroGold Global will initially have one business division focused on the remediation of precious, critical, and strategic metals mine tailings with planned future development of additional operating segments focused on other, non-traditional metal sources (e.g. battery metals recovery, e-waste). Our Tailings Remediation and Resource Recovery strategy will generate revenues primarily through the sale of metal and mineral concentrates with the potential for additional revenues from remediation activities.

EnviroGold Global also intends to develop relationships with strategic partners in all target jurisdictions and will consider acquisition of technology, intellectual property and other assets that can advance or are otherwise complementary to our business model and operations.

Our Operational Model
  1. Business Development and Opportunity Identification: EnviroGold Global reviews mine production data and leverages our global network of industry professionals to identify possible tailings remediation and resource recovery opportunities, using a proprietary system that analyzes key site characteristics related to grade, metallurgy, volume and the nature of the refractory components to pre-qualify opportunities.
  2. Initial Study: Pre-qualified opportunities undergo an in-depth initial study, which includes an economic, social, and environmental review, and a detailed assessment report that is used for a formal management review of the opportunity.An initial regulatory review undertaken during the Initial Study is intended to identify regulatory agencies with jurisdiction over the site, and key permits and work notices required for operations along with associated fees and lead times. Initial engagement with the site owner is undertaken to acquire site-related data, negotiate the execution of a contract and subsequently provide EnviroGold Global with access to the site to conduct its advanced prospect analysis (APA) (see below). This initial commercial agreement is intended to secure the remediation and reprocessing rights to the metal and mineral bearing material on site contingent upon EnviroGold Global satisfying internal requirements for project economics, and social and environmental feasibility. EnviroGold Global generally negotiates compensation for the mine site owner by way of an arrangement to share the net proceeds from mineral and metal concentrates produced during the site remediation activities.
  3. Desktop Study: Contingent upon the results of the Initial Study, EnviroGold Global will complete site and laboratory evaluations to advance material characterization for project economic, technical/metallurgical, environmental and social feasibility review. Typical activities include material sampling and analysis, metallurgical analysis, initial regulatory engagement, preparation of a definitive regulatory roadmap, topographical volumetric analysis and development of the initial ESG Scorecard.
  4. Advanced Prospect Analysis (APA): Contingent upon the results of the Desktop Study, EnviroGold Global will proceed with the detailed phase of project feasibility and economic review. Activities undertaken during APA are intended to increase EnviroGold Global’s confidence in the material characterization results, select a final optimized process flow for optimized metal recovery, prepare environmental and other submissions, and develop operational plans.
  5. Implementation and Production: Following the internal, technical approval of the APA and receipt of required operating permits, and contingent upon a final executive review, EnviroGold Global will deploy its tailings reprocessing and resource recovery solutions on site in conjunction with strategic, field-services partners to start remediation and resource recovery. Throughout the operational period, EnviroGold Global will systematically capture and analyze operational data, including metallurgical accounting, and provide its strategic partners with transparent, periodic status reports.
  6. Closure: Following remediation and resource recovery operations, EnviroGold Global will demobilize its equipment consistent with regulatory requirements and environmental best practices and complete a final review of the ESG Scorecard, aiming to confirm a net positive environmental and social impact from remediation activities on the site.

Corporate Presentation


Capitalizing environmental stewardship to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable, circular resource economy.


Satisfying the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical and strategic metals by producing Metals Without Mining.


  • Environmental stewardship
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Scientific innovation
  • Quality of life
  • Operational excellence.

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