Leading a Green Mining Revolution

Mining is facing a paradigm shift. Demand for precious metals is increasing, resources remain scarce and social demands for environmentally sustainable practices are growing exponentially. To address these opportunities, EnviroGold was born.

Through our unique combination of proprietary technology, innovative operationalized knowledge and an agile, efficient culture, we reclaim and recharge critical natural resources and accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable resource economy.

Using cutting edge Electrochemical Separation Technologies (EST), our patent-pending processes use a unique application of advanced electrochemical and surface probe techniques to recover up to 98% of residual gold from mine tailings on a commercial scale. Our processes also recover over 95% of other precious, critical and strategic metals, including platinum, lithium, cobalt, germanium and titanium.

Strategically positioned for sustainable, data-driven development of high-margin assets, EnviroGold Global provides a scalable solution for a virtually untapped global market. With minimum capital expenditure, we generate maximum return on assets and natural resources by recovering minerals that would otherwise be lost.

Equally importantly, in addition to transforming refractory tailings into a valuable mineral resource, our processes are also eco-friendly. Our proven technology removes contaminants like chlorides, nitrates, arsenic and mercury from mine waste. EnviroGold Global’s treated process water is clean and suitable for reuse in agriculture, storage or release to the environment. In addition to creating ecological benefits, our processes reduce environmental liabilities, maintenance costs, environmental bond and associated fees.

Turning Waste into Responsible Resource Development. Invest with Us.


Capitalizing environmental stewardship to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable, circular resource economy.


Satisfying the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical and strategic metals by producing Metals Without Mining.


  • Environmental stewardship
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Scientific innovation
  • Quality of life
  • Operational excellence.

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