Why EnviroGold
is a Win Win..?

Everyday millions of tonnes of water loaded with contaminants such as arsenic, cyanide, lead and other toxic material flow from some of the most contaminated mining sites across the globe into surrounding streams and ponds with little to no treatment

This torrent is poisoning aquatic life, severely limiting water availability for community stakeholders and in many circumstances threatens to taint drinking water sources. This pollution is a legacy of how the global mining industry was allowed to operate for more than a century. Companies built mines for gold, silver and other hard rock minerals and abandoned them once they were no longer profitable, leaving behind tailings and tainted water that causes an ongoing environmental risk

EnviroGold’s economically feasible environmental remediation & resource recovery achieves the following;


  • Generate income from previously unrecoverable resources
  • Reduction/elimination of liabilities attached to mine
  • Reduction/elimination of environmental bonds/premiums
  • Reduction/elimination of mine maintenance costs

  • Partial/full satisfaction of permits/licenses

  • Reduction of environmental obligations & liabilities
  • Full mine site environmental remediation options


  • Elimination of contaminants from gold tailings like cyanide, chlorides, sulphates, nitrates, nitrites, boron, mercury and many more
  • Reduction in harm to the environment from leaching contaminated wastewater into ground water sources, including those for human consumption, that can cause environmental degradation
  • Tailings dams are also prone to failure which can cause significant damage and cost, this can be eliminated
  • In most cases EnviroGold’s process removes these contaminants to below prescribed regulatory levels, providing clean water that is safe to re-use, store or release to the environment
  • EnviroGold enables tailings dam remediation and return to pre-mine condition
  • EnviroGold can be a significant contributor to positive climate change outcomes
A Golden Opportunity for Stakeholders and the Environment


Convert mine tailings and mine affected wastewater into a valuable Natural Capital Resource


Re-process tailings and mine affected wastewater and return clean water that is safe to re-use, or release to the environment


Planet before Profit, Our people, Safety, Passion, Precision and Performance are the core elements of the EcoGold team

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