Mining a Better Future
The EnviroGold Global Difference

As the world continues to become more environmentally conscious, the mining industry continues to evolve to societal needs. EnviroGold Global is leading the way in this transition to a more ecologically friendly circular resource economy based on sustainability and the Reduce-Reprocess-Reclaim-Recycle cycle. By leveraging proprietary technology, innovative operationalized knowledge, and an agile, efficient operating culture, we are changing the approach to the management of refractory tailings – for the better.

  • A Massive Addressable Market

    The estimated value of precious minerals unrecovered from operating, decommissioned and abandoned mine sites is estimated to be in excess of US$3.4 trillion, with US$20 billon worth of gold discarded in global tailings annually.

  • Superior Proprietary Processes

    Our patent-pending and proprietary processes are suitable for operating, decommissioned and abandoned mines. Our technology and expertise allow us to offer industry-leading recovery rates, reclaiming up to 98% of precious, strategic and critical metals that would otherwise be lost from refractory tailings and resource development waste streams. Our processes recover gold, silver, platinum, lithium, cobalt, germanium and titanium and other precious, critical and strategic metals. A commitment to research and development will lead to incremental technological advances coupled with an intellectual property strategy that is anticipated to yield significant ongoing patent filings.

  • A Low Cost – High Margin Model

    EnviroGold Global’s low-CAPEX operating approach leverages modular, scalable, geographically relocatable processing systems for maximum flexibility and optimized economic outcomes.

  • Proven Technology

    EnviroGold Global develops optimized solutions for site-specific conditions, combining decades of experience, proprietary processes and other, proven mineral processing methodologies to achieve superior metal recovery and environmental outcomes. EnviroGold Global’s “best of breed” approach includes proprietary leaching technology and electrochemical capabilities designed to recover precious, strategic and critical metals from complex, refractory tailings.

  • Earth-friendly

    EnviroGold Global is a clean technology company, capitalizing environmental stewardship by transforming mine extraction waste into the future of profitable, sustainable mineral resource development while remediating the waste of previous operations. Our processes remove contaminants like chlorides, nitrates, arsenic and mercury from tailings, reducing environmental liabilities, maintenance costs, environmental bonds and associated fees.

What We Do

A Business Model Based on ESG

In the United States, 2.6M tonnes of waste are generated for every tonne of gold produced (USGS). EnviroGold Global is at the cutting edge of a mining and metals paradigm shift, leading the change from Take-Make-Use-Waste to a sustainable circular economy.

We have a strong commitment to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) principles, with a proprietary Environmental Scorecard and a proactive approach to stakeholder engagement creating a strong, enduring brand poised for outperformance in the era of socially conscious investing.

Anchoring EnviroGold Global’s Intangible Capital Strategy is the ability to unlock hidden sources of value through the application of industry-standard and advanced proprietary technology. Our operationalized knowledge sets us apart.

EnviroGold Global’s Risk Management strategy includes a laser-like focus on safe operating principles, zero-harm to the environment and a robust, agile project management philosophy that drives superior operational results.

Turning Waste into Responsible Resource Development. Invest with Us.


Capitalizing environmental stewardship to accelerate the world’s transition to a sustainable, circular resource economy.


Satisfying the world’s increasing demand for precious, critical and strategic metals by producing Metals Without Mining.


  • Environmental stewardship
  • Conscious capitalism
  • Scientific innovation
  • Quality of life
  • Operational excellence.

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